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 57956 NC-RT 12, Hatteras, NC


All Photos on the website were taken by Lee Setkowsky or Merri Jamiesom, unless otherwise attributed.

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Allow us to take you to the beach on the

Cape Hatteras national Seashore

Make plans with us, collect your rods, beach toys, chairs, camera, sunscreen, and umbrellas and have a stress free day out on the beautiful Hatteras Island beaches.  Let us know ahead of time if you need anything you have forgotten at home, and if we can we will accommodate those needs.

Take a walk between the dunes and the shoreline to discover birds (  Great Blue Heron, Avocet, Snowy Egret, White Ibis, Skimmers, Lesser Terns, Colony Birds, Pelicans, Gannet Gulls, Laughing Gulls, Sand Pipers, Clapper Rail, Kingfisher  ), shells ( Marginated Star, Knobbed Whelk, Keyhole Sand Dollar, Horse Conch, March Periwinkle, Blood Ark, Coquina, Clam ), plants ( Blanket Flower {Joe Bell}, Sea Oats, Live Oaks, Smooth Cord Grass, Black Needle Rush, Dwarf Palmetto , Glasswort, Long Leaf Pine, Maritime Forest, Pawpaw, Yaupon Holly  ), crabs ( Blue, Rock, Fiddler, Hermit, Ghost, Spider, Horseshoe  ), fish (  Flounder, Sea Mullet, Drum, Blue Fish, False Albacore, Jumping Mullet, Mosquito Fish, Mud Minnows, Sea Horses ) and much, much more.  Learn about the dynamics of weather and how they ware away the beach and build it back.  This Island is always changing which has forced nature here to adapt in unique ways.

Take a ride in the GO FISH? trucka comfortable 7 passenger GMC Yukon XL.  Captain Lee will weave stories and facts about island history, nature, science and fishing as you spend the day together.  Let him take you to some of the unique places on the island to get amazing wildlife, beach, sunrise and sunset pictures.  Have a picnic, ride boogie boards, build a sand castle or 2 and dig mole crabs.  Take long walks and go shelling for a great variety of seashells.  Who knows you may find many $$$ of Algonquin wampum.

​We love what we do, and where we live, and what makes it wounderfull is to see it through our Guest's eyes.  

Let's have  a beach adventure that is fun, educational and memorable.