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Hatteras Adventure Tours And Charter Fishing

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​​Meet Captain Lee

Like many residents of the Outer Banks, I started coming to Hatteras Island years ago.  In the 1980's, when I first found the Outer Banks, I found a place in the world that was at one time both beautiful and very much unspoiled, but also very much like where I grew up in the fifties on the south coast of Long Island.
​So for years I spent as much time here as money and jobs would allow.   I came to the Outer Banks, particularly Hatteras Island as often as I could to soak in the beauty, fish and relax.
So why was Hatteras Island so alluring to me?  I enjoyed my boats from the time I was 8 years old.  First, just a Junker row boat, but when I turned 16, I was able to buy a "Yellow Jacket" runabout, with a 25 hp outboard, and since Mom and Dad would not let me have a driver's license at that time, this boat became my prime means of entertainment and transportation.  I tooled all around the Great South Bay, fishing, visiting friends on Gilgo Beach, Kismet, Ocean Bay Park on Fire Island.  IT WAS GREAT!

Not only did I spend a lot of time in that runabout, I also began to work on the water as crew on head boats and commercial boats.  I worked as a clam digger, in a boat yard, dredging for bay scallops, and spent a season working on my Dad's commercial trawler.  That was the best.

I always returned to working with the public on head boats and charter boats.  I loved to help people catch fish, learn about the area where I lived and I really enjoyed meeting people.  I also had to learn how to clean fish well and fast.  By the time I was 20, I had worked on the water for the 1/2 my life.  I had to enter the Armed Services, so the Navy was a natural choice. When I got out of the Navy in 1974, I discovered an old friend had established his own charter fishing service. Though school and working in computers, I was able to continue working in the fishing industry weekends, holidays, and vacations for the next 10 years. By the time I left New York to move to Richmond, VA. I had 15 hands on years of experience in the commercial and charter sport fishing industry.

After a period when I lived in Richmond I was separated from the salt ware except for vacations.  That brings me to 1999, when my wife and I moved to the OBX.  For the next 2 years I was able to captain my own boat on the Albemarle Sound and out Oregon Inlet to the Gulf Stream.  I was fortunate to work from home and have sufficient off time to take advantage of living on the water.
In 2001 I had the chance to work on a longline sword boat out of Wanchese for a while and it was one of the best and most exciting adventures of my life.
In 2012 I moved to Hatteras Island and was able to live in the place I had loved since I was about 34 years old.  I came to this Island with a boat, a 4X4 SUV, and a thirst to begin helping people again, to enjoy many of the benefits of living and visiting Hatteras.  You see, I remember what it was like to be a visitor, and the kinds of things I wished were true at that time, like knowing where locals go, having friends here, feeling like this place was home, the freedom to go anywhere in the Sound, fishing, taking photos, and experiencing all manner of wildlife and environs.  ​
I love to share the beauty, ecology, fish, clams, beach, sound and ocean with you. Come for an adventure!